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Cycling in Salford

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Stretford at Trafford Town Hall. A very wide path with what looks like a parallel crossing for cycles and pedestrians but there are No Cycling signs posted on the lampposts. Does this mean no cycling on the left hand path in the picture ens ... [more]

Trafford near Manchester . Morrisons Daily newly opened the parked bike is not supported and falls over in the slightest wind. The cycle parking comprises 1 wheel bender. @morrisons can we have a proper cycle stand(s) here. There's plenty o ... [more]

Stretford Mall Kargaroo cargo bike outside entrance to the Mall. See also nearby kargaroo bike at other entrance #187533

Stretford Mall Kargaroo cargo bike outside main entrance to the Mall. instructions on window nearby . There's an attachment on the handlebars for your mobile phone although on this bike there appears to be a part missing. See also nearby ka ... [more]

Cycleway and most of pavement overgrown

Cycleway overgrown completely,

[Image taken 25.8.22] The Point, inside Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester ( [NOTE: No street view at this location.] It was great: a) staff knew there was cycle parking inside the ... [more]

Urmston on the Trans Pennine Trail . New info sign at bridge over the R Mersey What3words are lakes rides entire. Unfortunately, the finger post has not been replaced #111885 or the info board nearby #43916 .

Navigation Road



Trafford Sale . Incorrect use of a road sign (Cyclists dismount and use pavement ) This sign only to be used on streets where motor vehicles are also not allowed. The correct sign would be to warn drivers of cyclists in the lane and to not ... [more]

Hugely overgrown access to the Bridgewater Canal from Ashburton Road West.

Manchester White City. Cycle stands in the shape of chillies. Nandos

Recently installed modal filter & pocket park intended to provide a safe walking & cycling route to Urmston Railway Station and surrounding amenities

The landowner (Mainline Pipelines Ltd) has decided to replace a perfectly accessible gap to a path, with an inaccessible gate. That's yet another path closed off ... [more]

epetition to Trafford council to investigate and create with TfGM a new cycle route using the redundant rail tracks 3 & 4 between Sale Britannia Road and Traff ... [more]

Junction 7 has 12 toucan crossings . 11 have green phases synchronised to the junction phases. This is the only crossing that does not have a green phase . Is this dangerous especially when sun glare/reflections are a hazard ? People will p ... [more]

Extremely difficult to get this Cargoroo cargo bike through this barrier. It's high time the relevant authorities did their duty and removed these illegal barriers.

Urmston plans for new build 105019/FUL/21 Erection of nursery and play areas .

Broadlands Wood - Size: 0.45 ha (1.11 acres) Grid reference: SJ769911 Woodlands Trust land between Westminster Close and Chichester Close In Sale Trafford. The circular path in this wood has been blocked by a fallen tree. The fence has ... [more]

UPDATE 20/1/2022 EA have agreed to repair the path as a reasonable action to make the place better. Ashton on Mersey path along River Mersey on the South bank . Recent bank reinforcement work has damaged the path from the heavy vehicles. ... [more]

Stretford Public Hall has covered cycle parking. Space for 10 bikes. A large car park that could be put to other uses.


A very nice covered cycle parking area at this new Aldi supermarket. There are other sheffield stands nearby.

UPDATE 18/12/21 GMUTC have confirmed these are for detection cables (response from TfGM  1121-06ASVJ-04287 ). Further info is requested. UPDATE 10/11/21 reported to GMUTC (TfGM) as the ridge is to do with the Stretford - a cycle lane tran ... [more]

A good bus stop bypass and a great new set of cycle tracks on this major road. This route will eventually form a continuous cycle route from Chorlton to Manchester.

Annoying inaccessible barrier that should all be replaced with bollards.

The M60 footbridge pictured in 2006, before it became badly overgrown through lack of maintenance.

Sale Trafford. dropped kerb is welcome but it's not sure what the real reason for the making of the small dropped kerb.

Very poor quality cycle parking at Asda in Trafford Park

Staircase down from School Lane to the TPT. There is an opportunity here to use the unused woodland to the west/left, to create a flat access track directly to School Lane. This would enable much easier access for all.

Of course the road has no mud, but the narrow bypass for pedestrians and horses (the disabled are excluded) is full of mud.

Desire line on the grass verge showing demand for a short section of pavement up to the TPT access point.

Ludicrous, pointless stupid barrier on a staircase.

These barriers are to slow cyclists down near the bar. They're far too tight and a better solution might be to use sinusoidal speed humps.

Main Entrance to John Leigh Park. At last the access has been improved. Previous access was a locked gate requiring stepping up the kerb across the pavement and through 1 of 2 pedestrian access'. The one on the left required stepping over m ... [more]

Road resurfaced here end of April 2021 to a really high standard. The path is just soil ! There is NO path on the other side . Reported to Trafford : Carrington Lane West bound and West of junction with Banky Lane. Road has been resurfaced ... [more]

Urmson Church Road - St Michael's Church . Planter cycle parking

Planters, funded under the first EATF scheme, have replaced the old inaccessible barriers here. A new surface has also been laid where necessary. The result is that you can cycle straight through here without delay, as can disabled peop ... [more]

Trafford Park near Media City. The vegetation obstructing the walkway has started to be cleared. This is the best bit but still there is soil and debris that has not been cleared near the back of pavement to beyond the lamppost line. plants ... [more]

Stretford Town Hall Trafford . Cycle lane lines and green are being repainted. They are being painted exactly the same sub standard width . Should be 2 metres minimum especially on this national cycle route 55 and as there is plenty of spac ... [more]

The Life Centre, 235 Washway Road, Sale, M33 4BP . Cycle parking located undercover in car park area for 20 bicycles but partially blocked by equipment. There is a ground floor window that overlooks the parking area. Life Centre is used for ... [more]

Out today talking bollards, 198 to be precise within a half mile stretch. No wonder it was in excess of £40k.

Surprise, surprise. You’d think the long line of new cycle posts outside each house on Lostock Rd would be a clue that motorists shouldn’t obstruct the path, but as usual, no. Is there a plan B?

UPDATE *** Dec 2020 These stands are starting to be used more and not just by people on bikes.**** Aldi cycle parking 7 stands enough for 14 bikes. The previous location of the Aldi had only a few cycle places AND not maintained ( #91816 ... [more]

poorly design merge onto a half width cycle lane Cyclists have to look over their shoulder while negotiating ladder paving then jink tightly right then left.

shared use bus shelter

Pedestrian / cycle lift bridge

Trafford Wharf

Cycleway signalled crossing

Large hatched extension to the central island has made a huge improvement here. Traffic speed are now much lower. This could be further improved by installing a proper cobbled runoff zone on the hatched area to discourage drivers from cutti ... [more]

Urmston cycle parking for 6 replaces original stands for 4 bikes. Not as fancy but space for more bikes. See #100394 . Nearby parking See also #44101

The cycle crossings in this area are poorly maintained. This one doesn't drain properly, there's a big pile of mud which is a potential slip hazard for cyclists turning right.

Worthington Park Sale Trafford . Could this gate off Cheltenham Drive be locked partially open ? ike the gate at Longford Park . This would allow free flow of walking wheelchairs mobility scooters and cycling traffic . See #101653 @worthpar ... [more]

Sale Sports Club Trafford . New buildling has covered cycle parking . Room for 10 bikes

Stretford Longford Park Cycle parking by the disc golf course see also #101723 room for 10 bikes

Stretford Longford Park Cycle parking well used by families compare to 2 years previous #101723

Dog excrement has been bagged and hung up on a sign post at head level on the approach to the footbridge on the North side of the River Mersey. The excrement will be festering inside the bag waiting for someone to accidentally break the bag ... [more]

Timperley. link St George's Crescent and Arderne Road . A useful link connecting Timperley . This image shows the lack of a surfaced path along a desire line and onto the access point See also #150642 . Bizarrely half of this path is smooth ... [more]

Timperley. link St George's Crescent and Arderne Road . A useful link connecting Timperley . This image shows the lack of a surfaced path along a desire line and onto the access point See also #150643 .

Timperley. Stoney Bridge well named . A useful link connecting Timperley . This image shows the lack of a surfaced path along a desire line See also #150639 and #150637 . Peds on the left and the very narrow gap on the Right for cyclists

Timperley. Stoney Bridge path. A useful link connecting Timperley . This image shows the lack of a surfaced path along a desire line. The useful bridge is shown on this image #150637

Timperley. Stoney Bridge well named . A useful link connecting Timperley . The next image shows the lack of a surfaced path along a desire line #150639

Urmston in Trafford near Manchester Chassen Road mini roundabout junction with Flixton Road widens for cycle to rejoin but is blocked forcing cycles into path of following motors

A bodge job by Highways England. Please beware of this dangerous surface, which has been reported twice.

Manor Ave Sale Reported 25/2/2020 ref 1607656 over 0.1m in depth a bicycle tyre width about .3m long. The pothole is invisible and dangerous to bicycle riders when there's a puddle here and the pothole is just where a cyclists may cycle Nor ... [more]

UPDATE SEPT 2020 IT'S NOW CLEAR Stretford near Manchester . The cycle lane is completely blocked by low branches that need cutting back. Reported again to Trafford Request ID:179 ... [more]

Sale Trafford Greater Manchester . Typical street

Partington Warburton Lane Greater Manchester Disappointing to see that discriminatory A-frame/K-frame barriers are still proposed for a new route in Partington . Should ... [more]

Broadheath Altrincham . There used to be pop up cycle lanes in Timperley and then a pop up cycle lane here was to be set up until a few motorists complained. Now it's pop up driving and parking instead !

Stretford Manchester . Cycle lane used for parking . It's also a bus stop ! Enforcement required.

Hale Trafford - Obstructing barriers 2 sets . At both ends of the path.

Hale Trafford - Obstructing barriers. At both ends of the path.

A56 Stretford Manchester - Drivers can get out of the way of emergency vehicles when safe . Cyclists will slow or stop for you to enter cycle way #safestreetstrafford #safestreetssavelives demo by @onetrafford ... [more]

Pop up Cycle lane used by lorry for parking. See also after complaints from motorists they could not get out of the way of emergency vehicles A MYTH ! Pop up lanes use by pickup ... [more]

The pop up lane disappears completely passing the North bound lay by whereas on the South bound the pop up lane is continued. No idea why the discrepancy. The lay by on the N side is not even used !

Sale, Trafford - Park Ave warning signs but the road narrows sign is on a pavement and is leaving less than the legally required minimum of 1m. Coupled with the pavement on the other side of the road being CLOSED ! AND during Covid19 emerg ... [more]

Hale in Trafford Brooks drive . Looks to be a path here that has been well used. Not shown on RoW map .

Ashton on Mersey, Sale, Trafford. A new sign for pedestrians going to the school but the warning sign for motorists is obscured.

Urmston outside Bargain Booze next to trio bin 2 stands for 4 bikes

Flixton - kerbs need dropping on both the main Flixton Road and the minor Flixton Road also path needs widening. Would avoid a nasty junction (Flixton Rd and Irlam Rd)

Stretford pop up cycle lanes. The signs need twice as many sand bags or they get blown over . I picked up about 30 signs on the popup cycle lanes on the A56 in Stretford and Sale on both sides of the road. They'd blown over in the wind . Ea ... [more]

Urmston near Manchester - new cycle parking outside TBT Fitness (was RS McColl, see #107399). Just a little bit too close to the shop. 4 stands for 8 bikes.

Urmston - Cycle parking outside optician. This parking is in the wrong place. Just lke a driver wanting to park as close as possible to their home, a rider wants to see their bike when they shop or when waiting for a take away meal. As can ... [more]

Trafford Brooks Drive public right of way has a sign with no legal authority (looks professionally installed) fencing. Blocks what would otherwise be an ideal quiet route linking Hale Barns. Why on earth would you allow cars here but not pe ... [more]

UPDATE An application DMMO (map modification order) 107 was made in 2020 to make this route a bridleway. DMMO 10 ... [more]

Timperley Trafford . Obstruction impedes access for disabled, triple prams etc. and cyclists.

Sale Trafford temporary pop up cycle lane. These help not just cyclists but walkers and people waiting at the bus stop. If the cycle lane wasn't there lorries and cars driving through the large puddles would drench the people on the pavemen ... [more]

This is where Bike Friday used to start from way back in 2008. Might consider starting from here again now there are pop up lanes on the A56 . Starting point in recent years has been the Tram stop bus stop also in Stretford #86813

To continue riding on the A56 covid-19 pop-up cycleway from here you need to head right (where it is blocked by the two blue arrows) across the path of motor traffic heading straight on up Barton Road. An accident waiting to happen.

The A56 gains 10m of pop-up cycle lane

Sign saying nothing at all blocks the half-width cycle lane on the A56 in Trafford.

Sign as part of the pop-up covid-19 cycle lane on the A56 in Trafford. Why?

Covid-19 pop-up cycle lane on the A56 through Trafford. Busy high-speed slip road for the M60 motorway crosses the cycle lane. To motorists this just appears to be coned off road works. For a video showing how dangerous this is see: #http ... [more]

Covid-19 pop-up cycle lane on the A56 in Sale. Too many high speed crossings .

Altrincham. A short missing link for a route from the Bridgewater canal .

Altrincham. Path from Timperley to Altrincham has barriers that need removing

Partington. A path under the busy Manchester Road. Path surafce and access paths need improving with gentle sloped ramps.

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